my professor just posted grades of projects we did months ago so now with one week left of class i see that i actually have a low grade lol would have liked to HAVE KNOWN THIS MONTHS AGO YOU FUCK

Miss yo clip in fell out


ima good friend because u can tell me anything and i won’t make u feel embarrassed or ashamed! u could say some shit like ‘girl i been having this weird discharge for like the past week’ and i’ll be like ‘wow babe are u okay?’ instead of ‘DAMN BITCH EWWW WTF’. 

why is amy adams so cute though


me getting snacks for the turn up function

no matter how qualified you can be for a job if you don’t have an “in” with anyone at that company, you best believe they are going to give it to someone they know 100% 

if u r 20+ years old and still go to high school events like proms u need to reevaluate ur life js doe